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Pruning is defined as the careful and systematic cutting of plant branches. Most of our pruning is accomplished with hand pruners, however, lopers are used on heavier limbs. Rarely is a "hedge" trimmer used. We strive to selectively prune the branches to enhance the overall appearance of your plant material.

Key Benefits

1) Retains the original size and shape of the plant
2) Proper pruning can revitalize an old plant and possibly correct damaged areas
3) Accelerate new growth where necessary


    Our pruning schedule is not dictated by the calendar. We will select the time of the season which will benefit the plant.  Flowering trees and shrubs are pruned shortly after flowering. This gives the plant time to cycle through full bloom.

    Other maintenance pruning is completed when the plant will retain a "fresh cut" look the longest. Not too early in the season but not too late.

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