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Plant Health Care

One of the biggest complaints a Plant Health Care Professional receives is that a landscape plant does not look picture perfect or the way it did when it came from the nursery. It is helpful to remember that a nursery is not the ideal place to grow plants. It is an artificial environment and not realistic. In a nursery, the plants get daily water, nutrient needs are addressed on a strict basis and lighting is optimal. Once the plant is removed from the nursery and planted in a yard, various conditions affect the appearance. 

Another aspect that is overlooked is pests. Pests are always in your landscape but usually in balance with what they have to eat. Now that a brand new green, lush, and juicy plant is introduced, the balance is offset.

Now what? In a few weeks the plant might look stressed or off color. What is the problem? Could it be the pest? ... probably.

So to have a healthy lawn, tree or landscape shrubs, the offending pest needs to be identified. There are several resources on the web that can help identify the critters. The links are divided into different categories. These resources are only a guide and should be confirmed by a Plant Health Care Professional. Remedial action(s) will be suggested or administered according to EPA guidelines.

For more information call an expert at Dean's Lawn & Landscape and schedule a consultation.

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